International Projects

International Projects

There are no boundaries to HPCA's international work. In fact it is an integral part of our vision to create opportunities for our young people to go global, linking up with their peer groups around the world - Europe, Asia and Africa.

Erasmus +

This is a Euro-wide programme for education, training, youth and sport. The initiative brings together providers across different states in the European community to undertake collaborative projects and share/cascade good practice. The HPCA's Director of Youth & International Affairs is an active member of the network which embraces projects in Germany, Estonia, Romania, Turkey, Malta, Greece, and Prague.

Young Ethical Pioneers

It is an initiative of HPCA to introduce young people to ethical way of business and fairtrade. Our Young Ethical Pioneers linked up with young people in Kenya and the farming community there. They  worked closely with the local Chamber of Commerce to promote fair trading models amongst the local businesses.  Since the commencement of the programme a number of young people are already engaged in  a number of  ethical business enterprises.

Projects in Pakistan

HPCA continues to be actively involved in supporting a number of education and health based projects in Pakistan in collaboration with local partners. The examples of the work include:

* Islampura Jabbar Girls High School. HPCA worked in partnership with the local community  to establish a high school for  girls in one of the most educationally  deprived rural areas of District Rawalpindi. Hitherto to this school, there was no high school provision for girls in area of about 10 mile radius. This meant that girls in the area either never entered  full-time education or never went beyond basic primary. The school is now fully functional with over 700 students mainly from the most poorest of the families. The education is free.

* HPCA was asked by the Minister of Education for Schools for Azad Jummu & Kashmir (AJK) to explore the potentials for State/Community partnership for developing and making accessible quality education in deprived areas. HPCA looked at  a number existing functioning models of State/Community collaborations and based on these case studies of good practice, made a number strategic recommendations which are currently being pursued across the State. The feasibility study was carried out in partnership with Pakistan Council for  Social Welfare & Human Rights.

* HPCA collaborated with the UK based Islamic charity Muslim Hands and Christian Aid to rehabilitate a village community, consisting of Muslim and Christian residents, following floods in the area of Goat Shah Nazar in Sind, Pakistan. HPCA in partnership with the Kirklees Council, Yorkshire Chambers of Commerce, Huddersfield Giants, Huddersfield Town Football Club, Kirklees College, Huddersfield University, Kirklees Faith Forum and local businesses raised substantial funds toward construction of 90, two/three bedroom flood proof family homes and 52 water pumps as well as repairs to the village Mosque, church and the village school.